Marc Bessant

graphic art and design



As the URL suggests, my name is Marc Bessant and this is a website of my work. Welcome.

I’m never quite sure what to write in sections such as this, had I been a whizz with words i probably wouldn’t have gone into pictures. One might say I am a versatile and experimental graphic designer, intent on creating distinctive and eye-catching design for clever and forward-thinking folk across the globe; if one did, I’d happily agree.

What I can say (write) with some authority, is since the year 2000 I have been the Creative Head of Design at Real World Studios (UK) and that over the years I have been fortunate enough to work with an assortment of people from around this planet (and possibly beyond), including musicians, festival hosts, writers, artists, film-makers and even the odd corporate gig too, some of the results of which you can see on this site.

I know for sure, my work combines both digital and handmade processes, I enjoy experimenting with new techniques and take pleasure in exploring unfamiliar territories and, quite simply, savour being part of the bigger picture, whether that be a record sleeve, film poster or corporate logo; Yes, I get a kick out of art and design (and being paid for it is nice too).

I’m certainly always happy to meet new clients, agencies and designers, discuss ideas, talk pictures and offer my opinion. So should you be interested in a commission, collaboration, or even have a good idea what I should have written here, It would be a pleasure to hear from you.