Marc Bessant

graphic art and design

WOMAD Festival Cáceres poster 2018. 


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WOMAD are a client I have worked with for some time now, with music festivals all over the world.

This poster for one that takes place annually in the beautiful medieval walled city of Cáceres.

Woodblock print and bright primary colours keeping it craft-y and buoyant – just like the event itself.

The Handmaid’s Tale

design, film

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LP design for Adam Taylor’s original soundtrack to the Hulu series ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’.

12″ Sleeve / Insert / Vinyl


War Machine

design, movies

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LP Design for Nick Cave & Warren Ellis’ original score to the Netflix Original film ‘War Machine’.

Gatefold sleeve and coloured vinyl for Invada/Lakeshore Records.

Michael Head & The Red elastic Band

Artwork, design, Music, posters

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I don’t do as many gig-posters as I used to, so I was very happy when asked to do two new posters for two upcoming gigs from Michael Head. Really enjoyed doing these too, must do more (if only I were asked)!

Tickets > Posters available at the gig

Prevenge Poster

Artwork, design, movies, posters

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I was just reading how the film ‘Prevenge’ was released one year ago so thought I would share a poster that I put together at the time. There was never any intention for it to be used, just a bit of fun really, ‘fan-art’ one might say.

‘Prevenge’ Original Soundtrack by Toydrum

Artwork, design, film, Music

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‘Prevenge’ – A pitch black, wryly British comedy, which follows Ruth, a pregnant woman on a killing spree that’s as funny as it is vicious. It’s her misanthropic unborn baby dictating Ruth’s actions, holding society responsible for the absence of a father. (And if you watch close enough you might even catch a glimpse of yours truly). The music is great, as one would expect from Toydrum, so I was very happy to take on the sleeve design. The idea was to have a record that looked maniacally vandalised so I took the assets and scratched, drew and generally treated them without care. The inner-gatefold are pages from Ruth’s ‘kill book’ which appears in the film, all ripped, crushed and presented for your pleasure. Go see the film, Alice (Lowe) is a real talent (and a lovely person) then go buy the soundtrack, you won’t be disappointed.

Chick Corea – The Musician LP

design, Music

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Design for Chick Corea’s ‘The Musician’, a triple LP of recordings from the 2016 Month-long residency at the New York Blue Note Club (see previous poster post) featuring just about everyone who’s anyone in Jazz.

Mario Batkovic LP

design, Music

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Mario Batkovic is a Swiss virtuoso solo accordion player born in Bosnia. His playing can be challenging and experimental, yet it maintains a masterfully beautiful quality. Wanting to avoid the usual clichés, the sleeve is an extreme close up of the accordion almost to the point of minimalist ambiguity which, hopefully, reflects the sounds enclosed. Mario Batkovic’ double LP is available from Invada Records here

Charlotte Hatherley – True Love LP

Artwork, design, Music

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Design for Charlotte Hatherley’s new album ‘True Love’. A very Tarkovsky inspired bit of sci-fi realism for this Gatefold sleeve (with coloured vinyl) utilising stills from Charlottes latest video.  More about Charlotte Hatherley here

Peter Gabriel Vinyl Soundtracks

Artwork, design, Music

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Continuing with the remastered to vinyl re-releases of Peter Gabriel’s albums come three of his soundtracks – ‘Passion – Music to The Last Temptation of Christ’, ‘Birdy’, and ‘Long Walk Home’. Once again I reverse engineered the original, existing albums – rescanning, cleaning, going back to original sources to get visual assets as good as possible for all parts.