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Malachai – Beyond Ugly

Artwork, design, Music

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I have just delivered the artwork for the third, latest (and last?) Malachai album ‘Beyond Ugly’ and as per the previous two outings from the group it is an eclectic bag of sounds which I’ve tried to match visually with a smorgasbord of ┬áimages. The cover itself is a photograph I took of the lead singer wearing a beaten-up old ape mask and coloured contact lenses (a nod to the first album perhaps?); I was keen to be as uncompromising (ugly?) with the cover image as possible – ‘here i am!’ ‘this is me!’ – no frills, just a portrait that followed you around the room, something to put on the mantelpiece to keep the kids away from the fire, hopefully whilst listening to the record player. A cracking album thats well worth a listen.