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Rock, Paper, Scissors

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End of December 2015 I was asked to design the poster/tour id for a forthcoming number of shows from Peter Gabriel and Sting; this would see the two of them on stage singing apart, together and each others songs – all done with a healthy dose of playful competition, hence the shows title ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’.

First day back 2016 and I’m sat between the pair of them showing some ideas, some of which you can see above (along with the eventual choice). So they were in the poster without being on the poster, both Peter and Sting had their hands photographed in all the various combatative combinations the ‘R,P,S’ throws up. Peter wanted something playful, Sting wanted something Bold, and after a number of iterations a conclusion was reached that satisfied all. Bold Neue Haas Grotesk typeface and red half-toned pictures, simply does it.