Marc Bessant

graphic art and design

Big Blue Ball


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another of this months accomplishments (altho technically i finished it last month), as usual getting it done was a little more complicated than i first thought, I always wanted to do something that looked a little odd in the wiltshire countryside to reflect its content but alas i was on my own with this approach (at first), the Americans wanted something much more accessible and generally ‘lighter’ so i did a different one for the folks who like to think everything’s rosey whilst keeping this dark-humoured oddity for UK/Europe where so far its been well received. Ive managed to see one copy in the flesh as it were but nothing else, there are a few imports floating around out there and some reviews elsewhere online if you like this sorta sound, officially it gets rolled out at this years womad festival – find out more about the record here , apparently there is an exhibition of artwork connected to the release, somewhat embarrassingly i don’t know anymore about that than what i’ve read on the aforementioned link, not sure even if the sleeve featured? if anyone went/is going let me know…