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Peter Gabriel Scratch My Back – ‘New Blood’ Tour Visuals

design, video

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Plenty of clips turning up here, there and everywhere of the current Peter Gabriel ‘New Blood’ tour visuals which seem to be holding up and getting some good responses. Perhaps not quite as purely graphic orientated as it could have been given more time but I think what was achieved in the time was well worth the effort and went some way towards what I envisaged.

The particularly-late-in-the-day idea I had this time round being that all the visuals for the ‘Scratch My Back’ part of the show would be generated by the sound of the orchestra and/or Peter’s vocal, sort of like cymatics only digital, using ‘processing’. I wanted the show to look/sound like this great machine had awoke, and the orchestra was its beating heart. Each track then responsible for showing a different emotion of the machine, with the colours red/white/black being dominant throughout to tie-in with all the print art. Alas doing this sort of thing live was deemed a little risky so a few magic tricks had to be done as to appear it were. I really wanted the audience to leave with a real sense of having seen something very different for this sort of show, something that would perhaps be more at home in a nightclub as opposed to a classical concert, Peter Gabriel was being brave with the sound so it seemed fitting to be equally bold with the graphics.

Credit where credits due, I should give a special mention to a select team of talented (and sleep deprived) programmers (esp. to Stef ) who took my ideas/storyboards before weaving their wizardry in order to bring the machine to life, and also to Rob Sinclair who continued to wear the keepers gloves regardless of who moved the goalposts…