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graphic art and design



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Well its been a little while since i wrote on this blog, but all for good reasons, apart from the rigmarole of moving house I’ve just had a lot on and alas some things fall by the wayside, this blog for example. Nevertheless here i am typing away, recent projects to be ticked as completed are sleeves for ‘Spiro‘, a tasteful two-color affair with a silver block foil cover, ‘Speed Caravan‘ (yes thats their name) which was a bit of a rescue mission drawing heavily on Russian poster art, and also a self-initiated project (and they’re always the best) from ‘Lonely London Lad‘ which turned out to be a real smorgasbord of a project drawing from places near and far (CD sleeve and T-shirt design above).

WOMAD Charlton Park 2009 is all but wrapped up design-wise although there’ll no doubt be a couple of last minute jobs.. oh and a Peter Gabriel album on the horizon called ‘Scratch My back’ which is sounding very good indeed (designs not bad either), couple of other things on the hob but i’ll serve them up a little later on…