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‘DUEL – Devil On Wheels’ Documentary Poster

Artwork, design, film, fun with drawing and colouring-in, posters

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A couple of months ago I was contacted by one of the film-makers for an upcoming documentary ‘The Devil on Wheels’ which is based on and around the making of Steven Spielberg’s classic film ‘Duel’. Now, I love this film, always have, ‘Duel’ must have been one of the very first ‘horror’ films I saw and I was immediately taken by the thrill of it; So at first I was a little hesitant when asked if I would contribute a poster (along with others) to commemorate and help promote the feature. There are already some wonderful ‘Duel’ posters out there, both from the time and recent reboots, but mostly all centre on the truck (perhaps rightly so) but to me ‘Duel’ was always more than just this, here was a play on cruelty, one creatures determination to catch and kill another, seemingly for no other reason than because it could. I saw the truck as this great big rust-coloured snake winding along the parched Californian roads looking for its next meal, so that was the poster I did and very happy I am with it too.

A Midsummer Night’s Poster

Artwork, design, fun with drawing and colouring-in, posters

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As well as designing during the day, on the odd occasion I like to spend my spare time doing the exactly the same (tragic, i know), such was the case with the above poster for a neighbouring town’s drama society version of old Bill’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. I love the theatre and have a fair-liking for a poster, which, altogether made for a most pleasant evenings work…

Walk the Lino

fun with drawing and colouring-in

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Sometimes the best thing for your work is just to do something different, something you enjoy but something of little consequence apart from your own distraction and enjoyment. Such is the case with some linocuts i’ve been doing when i get a minute from the daily grind and just to pep up my interest i thought i’d do cuts from some of my favourite movies – in this instance, Quints vessel Orca from ‘Jaws’, I think i’m gonna press 20 or so and flog them to like-minded buffs. Next up  – Devils Tower from CE3. 

Satan’s Fingers!

fun with drawing and colouring-in

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A good friend of mine known to the Bristol head-banging community simply as ‘Topher the Mullet King’ has set out on a quest to adorn friends and foe alike in a range of T-shirts via a company he’s set up called ‘Hand Of Rock‘ which, as the name suggests is a celebration of Old Nicks Digits. He asked me to come up with a couple of designs, so i downed a bottle of Patchouli oil and splashed some Jack Daniels on my old leather jacket then jumped right in, and good fun it was too…