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The Virtues

design, film, Graphic Design, Soundtrack

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Utilising on-set shots from photographer Dean Rogers, the double LP soundtrack to the award-winning Channel 4 series ‘The Virtues’, featuring 6 new PJ Harvey compositions including “The Crowded Cell” song. The album also features music by Aphex Twin, Toydrum, Set Fire To Flames, Mono, Micah P Hinson, Laura Hannigan , Ted Barnes & Gavin Clark , Gazelle Twin .
There will be two vinyl versions. Double White vinyl exclusively available from and a 180gram Double Black vinyl retail edition (available in good record stores worldwide). The soundtrack will also be available on digipack CD .

Les Amazones D’Afrique

design, Graphic Design, Music

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A creative force that embraces international voices; sweet, strong harmonies that summon the rights of women; a meltdown of heritage and new gen talent. Les Amazones d’Afrique – Amazones Power, the sequel to their widely acclaimed 2017 debut album, Republique Amazones.
2 x colour vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve and CD digipack.

Medea – Theatre poster

Artwork, design, Graphic Design, posters

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‘Medea’ is a tragedy written by the ancient Greek playwright Euripides, based on the myth of Jason and Medea, and particularly Medea‘s revenge against Jason for betraying her with another woman. I was commissioned to design the poster for the production; so utilising a cropped photograph of William Wetmore’s carving, a little vandalism and apposite bespoke text – I arrived at the poster you see below.

WOMAD Festival UK 2019

Artwork, design, Graphic Design

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It had been a while since I had designed anything for WOMAD in the UK so it was very nice to be asked to come up with the face of this years Charlton Park event. One of the many things I’ve always associated WOMAD festivals with is its closeness to nature, and in particular how we – human beings – take time away from our busy urban lives and jump feet first into it – quite literally wondering amongst fields and woodlands for hours, allowing our senses to stretch. Coupled with the continuous discovery and eclectic mix of music and events encountered at WOMAD, I was keen to create a naturally psychedelic looking piece of work. My original sketch was of illustrated leaves and grasses weaving in and out and through the letters, I really wanted it to look fun, encompassing and boisterous but something wasn’t quite right; being surrounded and entwined with nature was the correct approach but currently it just wasn’t different or colourful enough, it had to be more vivid and, ultimately, fascinating. I had to think bigger, well, actually smaller, much much smaller.
I was familiar with the electron microscopy of Steve Gschmeissner, having worked with him before on a Peter Gabriel record, and he’s incredible at what he does (see his website and the images he manages to photograph never cease to amaze me; I contacted Steve with an idea and Steve set about micrographing, and raiding his archive for, various indiginous flower and grass seeds, which were then cut out and falsely coloured (originally they are grey tones) before finally getting digitally scattered amidst the typography to complete the piece.
Printed by Taylor Bothers in Bristol, the souvenir programme turned out really well and it was a pleasure to see it being read by so many at the festival last weekend.

Open book jacket
Lazing in the sun

Elizabeth Harvest

Artwork, Graphic Design, Music, Soundtrack

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LP design for Rachel Zeffira’s Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the Sebastian Gutierrez film ‘Elizabeth Harvest’.

Utilising images from the film key-art and on-set stills to put the Invada Records LP package together. Sleeve, insert and transparent vinyl.

Happy New Year, Colin Burstead

Graphic Design, Music, Soundtrack

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Recently put together the CD/LP art for Clint Mansell’s score to ‘Happy New Year Colin Burstead’ for Invada Records, using assets/images from the film and the wonderful cover painting by Simon Davis. Image below shows the Limited edition (of 250) colour vinyl.