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War Machine

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LP Design for Nick Cave & Warren Ellis’ original score to the Netflix Original film ‘War Machine’.

Gatefold sleeve and coloured vinyl for Invada/Lakeshore Records.

Prevenge Poster

Artwork, design, movies, posters

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I was just reading how the film ‘Prevenge’ was released one year ago so thought I would share a poster that I put together at the time. There was never any intention for it to be used, just a bit of fun really, ‘fan-art’ one might say.

‘Warning Sign’ Soundtrack by Craig Safan

Artwork, design, movies, Music

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I have just delivered the sleeve art for a soundtrack that’s, uncomfortably, a little too topical at the moment. ‘Warning Sign’ is a 1985 science-fiction/horror film about an outbreak of a virulent bacteria which largely kills those who are unfortunate to come into contact with it. In my opinion, its not a particularly good film, but its saving grace is the dark synth tones of Craig Safan’s score which menacingly runs throughout proceedings. The original artwork was all black and red, as per the biological hazard symbol, but I was keen to do something a little more derivitive of the laboratories in which the action takes place – so I went mostly white and agar plate red. The image on the cover is a paint and pixels affair, my hand pressed on to paper, watercolours and a flick of paint here and there, stretched and embellished on the Mac, then printed on uncoated white/white board. The insert is a mish-mash of original tape boxes, films stills, my mucky fingerprints and mid80s computer type – all in a bit of a mess as the intention was to give the impression the art/layout itself was somehow infected/affected. Fittingly topped off with red/white splatter vinyl – well what else?!. ‘Warning Sign’ by Craig Safan is available on CD/Ltd Ed Vinyl from Invada Records.

Cheers Drive!

design, movies, Music

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Invada records asked me to put together the LP artwork for the fantastic Cliff Martinez’ score of the film ‘Drive’. Its a double album in a gatefold sleeve, available in regular black, hot pink and picture disc versions. available from Invada.

The Bank Job


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I watched this movie yesterday, it was ok but what really drew my attention was poster for it (above) – classic 60s style to it, de-saturated colours n’all, not so keen on the centred type but hey-ho. Designed by ignition print , a job well done.