Marc Bessant

graphic art and design

Peter Gabriel – Scratch My Back

Conceived as the first part of a double album, Peter Gabriel’s ‘Scratch My Back’ is a simple, honest and sensuous recording compromising of  just two elements – Peter and the strings. ‘Two’ was important – two parts, two acts, two songs, two albums – a shared experience, one dependent on the other – ‘scratch my back and i’ll scratch yours’.

I wanted the images and colours to be seductive, sensual, even a little tense, a relationship between one and another. I chose to work with micrographs and look at interactivity at a cellular level. What goes on in us, without us…

Steve Gschmeissner’ corpuscles micrograph was perfect – so graceful and calm, yet with all the passionate, fleshly associations that blood carries, coupled then with the back of the sleeve, another micrograph but this time of a jagged broken fingernail, gives us our title served on a slightly skewed but gently warmed plate.

Design / Art Direction.

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