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Medea – Theatre poster

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‘Medea’ is a tragedy written by the ancient Greek playwright Euripides, based on the myth of Jason and Medea, and particularly Medea‘s revenge against Jason for betraying her with another woman. I was commissioned to design the poster for the production; so utilising a cropped photograph of William Wetmore’s carving, a little vandalism and apposite bespoke text – I arrived at the poster you see below.

Allen Stone ‘Karaoke Extravaganza’ Gig Poster

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Last month I was approached by GreenLight Multimedia in Los Angeles to design the gig-poster for ‘Allen Stone’ Karaoke Extravaganza’ live at Analog, Hutton Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. It was a good open brief, the only direction of note was to include the ‘Analog’ logo somewhere – in this case, the stylised ‘A’ in the centre. After submitting a number of different sketches, we finally set upon the idea of a microphone/bird-cage where the occupant has broken free >

Michael Head & The Red elastic Band

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I don’t do as many gig-posters as I used to, so I was very happy when asked to do two new posters for two upcoming gigs from Michael Head. Really enjoyed doing these too, must do more (if only I were asked)!

Tickets > Posters available at the gig

Prevenge Poster

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I was just reading how the film ‘Prevenge’ was released one year ago so thought I would share a poster that I put together at the time. There was never any intention for it to be used, just a bit of fun really, ‘fan-art’ one might say.

Rock Paper Scissors on the road

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RPS poster


It’s been a frantic few weeks making posters, merchandise, tour books, various other printed matter (and even a small contribution to making the screen-video with the good folks at the RCA) but the Peter Gabriel & Sting North America Tour is now off and rolling…

and breathe….

Chick Corea 75th Birthday bash at the Blue Note, NYC

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Should be quite a few weeks for jazz-fans at the Blue Note, NYC come October/November when Chick Corea celebrates his 75th birthday with a number of shows there – what a line-up. I’ve worked with Chick for some time now, and was very pleased to be asked to do the poster for the event (above). Happy Birthday Mr C.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

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End of December 2015 I was asked to design the poster/tour id for a forthcoming number of shows from Peter Gabriel and Sting; this would see the two of them on stage singing apart, together and each others songs – all done with a healthy dose of playful competition, hence the shows title ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’.

First day back 2016 and I’m sat between the pair of them showing some ideas, some of which you can see above (along with the eventual choice). So they were in the poster without being on the poster, both Peter and Sting had their hands photographed in all the various combatative combinations the ‘R,P,S’ throws up. Peter wanted something playful, Sting wanted something Bold, and after a number of iterations a conclusion was reached that satisfied all. Bold Neue Haas Grotesk typeface and red half-toned pictures, simply does it.

Presenting Shakespeare: 1’100 Posters from around the World

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Very pleased to have had two posters of mine (Much Ado About Nothing & A Midsummer Nights Dream) published in the book ‘Presenting Shakespeare: 1,100 Posters from Around the World, which is co-authored by Steven Heller and New York-based design studio Mirko Ilic. The book is published by Princeton Architectural Press, and contains around 1,100 posters from 56 countries around the world. It is going to be available for sale on September 29, 2015. More images at Mirko‘s site.

‘DUEL – Devil On Wheels’ Documentary Poster

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A couple of months ago I was contacted by one of the film-makers for an upcoming documentary ‘The Devil on Wheels’ which is based on and around the making of Steven Spielberg’s classic film ‘Duel’. Now, I love this film, always have, ‘Duel’ must have been one of the very first ‘horror’ films I saw and I was immediately taken by the thrill of it; So at first I was a little hesitant when asked if I would contribute a poster (along with others) to commemorate and help promote the feature. There are already some wonderful ‘Duel’ posters out there, both from the time and recent reboots, but mostly all centre on the truck (perhaps rightly so) but to me ‘Duel’ was always more than just this, here was a play on cruelty, one creatures determination to catch and kill another, seemingly for no other reason than because it could. I saw the truck as this great big rust-coloured snake winding along the parched Californian roads looking for its next meal, so that was the poster I did and very happy I am with it too.

A Midsummer Night’s Poster

Artwork, design, fun with drawing and colouring-in, posters

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As well as designing during the day, on the odd occasion I like to spend my spare time doing the exactly the same (tragic, i know), such was the case with the above poster for a neighbouring town’s drama society version of old Bill’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. I love the theatre and have a fair-liking for a poster, which, altogether made for a most pleasant evenings work…