Marc Bessant

graphic art and design

Contaminated Waters


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When i was younger there was an old guy who lived by my mums place who had a studio in his garage where he would hand-paint pub signs, i would walk by and see him in there working on various unfinished pieces that would soon adorn drinking spots around the country, it was fascinating work, in what was a very underrated artform, which is sadly now (like the pubs themselves) victims of hamfisted corporate giants. I like to think gig posters should also work in the same way as the pub signs of old, encapsulating a sense of place, time and atmosphere, a clue as to what’s behind the door.

The poster above was done for ‘Diego and the Dissidents’ album launch event, i’d subsequently put the sleeve art together based on an old linocut of a tall ship i’d found, and this was another chance to do something along those lines. I love these old ships, and stories of the sea, comes from growing up on the coast i guess.

anyways, enough nostalgia, should be a good gig if the albums anything to go by..