Marc Bessant

graphic art and design

EXIT 451


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About a month ago i was contacted by a Canadian group called ‘EXIT 451′ who have put together an album with the help of producer Mark Howard (U2, Bob Dylan, Marianne Faithfull, etc.) of Daniel Lanois’ crew. They are a positive and forward-thinking bunch, making records, running a studio and generally being creative and so i offered my services of which they politely accepted.

The album was called ‘The Sea Above the Sky’, the group were into reversibility, portals and quantum physics(?), all of which appealed to me. I went over to my mums flat on a particularly foggy morning to take some pictures of the sea, i was interested in the lack of a horizon line and how one element fades to another. turning the image upside down made more of a mindbender out of it, suddenly looking like TV static. The chopped up lettering added to the uncertainty of it all, like some sort of code inviting to be cracked. Finally adding a metallic spot copper PMS for good measure. Overall i was very pleased with this bit of work, extremely simple both in its discussion and execution. Just the way it should be.